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How to Write a Darn Good Email

Ensuring That What You Write Is What You Mean
Email demands clear and efficient writing, but “oops” is an all-too-common occurrence.
We’ve all seen how easily misunderstandings in email messages can compromise clear communication.
Attend this helpful webinar to get a fast-paced, hands-on lesson to strengthen your ewriting skills.
Through examples and exercises, you will learn how to target your audience, get to the point, and develop and maintain a professional email style.

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Date City Times Course# 62007
  • Sep 12, 2017
    - Sep 12, 2017
    Live Online 1:00 PM
    - 2:30 PM
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Course Details

What You Will Learn

  • Write clear, concise email that gets readers' attention and results 
  • Convey a professional image through the emails you send 
  • Identify tone problems before pressing “send” 
  • Gain email pointers to help you project communication savvy

How You Will Benefit

  • Understanding challenges of email communication
  • Getting started quickly: Idea lists, the three As (aim, audience, area) 
  • Getting to the point: Strong subject lines, openings, and closings
  • Structuring your message clearly
  • Helpful guidelines for structuring your message 
  • Maintaining a professional tone by recognizing what is and is not appropriate for ecommunications 
  • Polishing your email for a professional style for yourself and your organization
Because so many of your communications are via email, this is a great chance for you to spend a short time learning how to do it better.

Additional Details

How AMA Webinars Work
AMA Webinars provide you with a cost-effective and convenient way to boost your know-how. You can participate in the comfort of your office without the need for travel costs and time.
Because the webinar is live, you can ask our expert questions via online chat during the program. In addition, we will be sending you pre-work approximately one day before the program date via email. Please register early to get these materials that will help guide your learning process!
In addition, paid registrants will have access to an archive of the program for a minimum of one year so that you can refer to it again and again to refresh your memory.
Please note that AMA Webinars are designed to provide a learning experience for individual attendees with interactive features that might not be appropriate for group participation.


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