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  • "  The training was excellent; far more than I expected in terms of amount of information covered and the depth in which we were able to get into some of the topics.  "

    Sean De Vries
    Panasonic Canada

  • "  There was a consistent effort to apply theory to real life.  "

  • "  Lots of practical examples - knowledgable resource  "

  • "  I liked the fact that Harry covered not just the hard skills, but also the soft skills. He showed a real interest and went out of his way to help us learn.  "

  • "  What a rewarding learning opportunity. This course gave me what I needed to bring success to my organization & my career.  "

    Brad Holub
    VP Operations
    Sherritt International Corporation (recently promoted from GM Operations, Cuba)

  • "  I like the course binder, as it provides background knowledge and will serve as a reference for the future.  "

  • "  I enjoyed the instructor, who was very knowledgeable and realistic.  "

  • "  The amount of integration was a bonus - it keeps attention heightened. I also found the atmosphere to be very welcoming. Susan is a great instructor.  "

  • "  I liked the very interactive and more application approach.  "

  • "  The course offered very useful knowledge that I can apply to my company right away.  "