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  • "  What I liked most about this course was the instructor because she made what can potentially be perceived as "fluffy" material very interesting by way of how she delivered the material. She used good examples and due to her vast experience in the field (and in delivering such courses, I'm sure) she was able to spontaneously come up with good suggestions as to how to handle specific situations the class questioned her on.  "

  • "  Peter, you have a tremendous ability to reach people.  "

  • "  Significantly exceeded my expectations. By far the best Unit have taken so far (I,II,III).  "

    Gordon Reed

  • "  Not only did I learn from the presenters, I also learned from all the students (professionals) that I was lucky to be surrounded by all week.  "

    Vicki Burnell
    Aero Medical Industrial Services

  • "  Susan gave very good, interesting information on topics that I thought were going to be difficult. She made the course fun and full of insight.  "

  • "  The training was excellent; far more than I expected in terms of amount of information covered and the depth in which we were able to get into some of the topics.  "

    Sean De Vries
    Panasonic Canada

  • "  Thank you John for sharing your knowledge, experiences and allowing us to share ours. Invaluable experience!  "

    Paolo Tuscano
    Canada Post Corporation

  • "  Extremely valuable, the seminar exceeded my expectations.  "

  • "  The course offered good information with solid examples.  "

  • "  Instructor Peter Taylor was outstanding as he led this class. The small group of five led to some very interesting conversation as the course progressed. It also enabled trust to develop quickly and therefore a more open and honest environment. The subject matter of the course was fascinating!  "