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  • "  I enjoyed how the facilitator adapted the course to the needs of participants while still achieving the objectives.  "

  • "  Thank you John for sharing your knowledge, experiences and allowing us to share ours. Invaluable experience!  "

    Paolo Tuscano
    Canada Post Corporation

  • "  It was a small group, which made it more of a coaching and mentoring environment, enabling the participants to readily apply the new techniques and concepts to their own environments.  "

  • "  The subject matter selected to be taught in this course fits exactly to my current job roles. The teacher did an excellent job relating that info to specific job responsibilities and selected example companies.  "

  • "  Lucie was a dynamic speaker and made the course materials relevant to my job.  "

  • "  It has met and exceeded my expectation and for a new manager. This course was great.  "

  • "  he fact that there were eight participants in the seminar was great because it made it more interactive with more opportunities to participate or ask questions. I also like the exercises we worked on.  "

  • "  I liked that the course size was small. This allowed for us to build relationships during the time we were together.  "

  • "  This was an excellent program. I strongly recommend it. I cam back refreshed and felt the material was right in-line with my function as a leader at Penn West.  "

    Doug Davey
    Manager, Technical Services
    Penn West Energy Trust

  • "  The course was very well detailed. The interaction with the facilitator regarding actual business plan activities and challenges was excellent.  "