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Doing More with Less: How to Motivate and Reward Your Overworked Staff during Lean Times

Simple, Smart, and Low-Cost Ways to Recognize and Reward Your Employees
After years of exceptionally tough economic times, wouldn't it be nice to be able to give everyone in your company a hefty raise in recognition of their hard work and dedication? 
If it were only that easy!
As you probably have read, survey after survey indicates that a high percentage of American workers would change jobs if they had the opportunity. That should serve as a red flag for even the most self-assured leaders.
The truth is that keeping your people motivated and engaged requires applying creative, alternative engagement strategies.
So how do you remotivate your team and get them in sync with your organization's overall mission and strategic focus? And how do you make work fun again and ensure that when a headhunter calls, your top performers will stay and not be tempted by "greener pastures"?

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What You Will Learn

Join us for an insightful and entertaining webinar that explores key ingredients for strengthening employee commitment, engagement, and career satisfaction, including... 
  • Defining your role as a leader in the motivation process and in creating a work environment where employees can motivate themselves 
  • Spotting signs of disengagement and conducting "resignation drill" discussions with your top performers 
  • Recognizing that the glue that binds someone to your organization is the learning curve . . . and how to get workers there and keep them there 
  • Identifying career development strategies that help build skills and develop an "achievement mentality" among staffers 
  • Implementing a number of recognition and appreciation campaigns for a job well done that creates the "psychic income" necessary to keep top performers committed and loyal 
  • Reengaging those members of your team who may have fallen into "maintenance mode" and sparking their level of interest in your company and their own careers
Individual, customized commitments to your "keepers" represent the greatest opportunity that you have to remotivate and reengage them—and the beauty of it all is that they do all the work—you simply set them up for success and then step out of the way!  
It's a win-win-win for the employee, your company, and yourself. 

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