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Resilience – Embracing Change

Build personal resilience in the face of change
Change is a constant in our environment. Whether it’s small or large, there are often impacts to the work you do and a need to be resilient to manage your own response to the change.  Recent research1 indicates that 86% of Canadians feel that change has increased in their workplace and 72% state their stress levels were a direct result of the amount of change they’re experiencing in their workplace.  
When we’re stressed, our emotions can take over and we’re not thinking at our highest level.  New research in neuroscience is helping us learn more about what happens to our brains during times of change that influences our behaviour and impacts our ability to adapt.  
Join us for this ½ day session to learn more about how you can build greater personal resilience to help yourself and others approach change with a more adaptive mindset.

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

  • Learn from the changes you’ve experienced (past, present and anticipated)
  • Appreciate what happens to our brain during times of change
  • Understand the drivers of change and the way we process the impact of change
  • Assess your own readiness to change and draft a plan to build your resilience

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How You Will Benefit

  • Develop an awareness of varied responses to change, including your own
  • Learn more about how you can control your own stress triggers during times of change
  • Increase your readiness to embrace change and overcome personal resistance as well as resistance in your work environment

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Course Features

  • Complete a Stress Resiliency Profile and gain awareness on your habits and mindset
  • Interactive group discussions designed to provide insights you can apply immediately

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are being impacted by change or about to embark on a change initiative.

Course Type

  • Classroom - 3 hours