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Secrets of Successful Public Speaking

Learn to Speak Confidently in Group Settings
It is said that many of us fear speaking in front of others more than death. 
While public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience, it can be extremely beneficial for your career. When you can effectively speak at meetings, give presentations to audiences large and small, and even share your thoughts without time to prepare, you are often perceived as being a better leader than those who remain silent.
If talking in front of a group is difficult or makes you uncomfortable, there are steps you can take to become a more polished and less fearful public speaker.
This webinar provides you with tips and tactics for preparing a presentation, using body language and vocal variety to keep your audience’s attention, and specific methods to reduce your jitters.
Whether you’re an inexperienced public speaker or someone who wants to boost their confidence and delivery, this is a great opportunity to improve your skills in all manner of public speaking situations.

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

You may never set foot on a big stage but just want to nail it during sales presentations to close more deals or be more comfortable at networking events.
In this webinar, you'll discover tools to minimize your nervousness and a wealth of speaking do's and don'ts, including:
  • How to plan an impactful opening, message delivery, and closing 
  • Tips for getting grounded before you start to speak at meetings and presentations
  • Ways to banish the "ums" and "uhs" that clutter your speech
  • Non-verbal techniques to use and those to avoid 
  • How to speak on the spot — even when the topic is not in your comfort zone.
After 90 minutes you’ll come away with specific approaches to improve how you perform at your next meeting or speaking engagement. So join us to improve your ability to speak up and get your message across.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Manage your fear of speaking in front of groups
  • Use effective verbal & nonverbal communication techniques 
  • Capture and maintain your audience’s attention
  • Establish your credibility and build rapport
  • Use rehearsals smartly to enhance your presentations.

Additional Details

AMA Webinars provide you with a cost-effective and convenient way to boost your know-how. You can participate in the comfort of your office without the need for travel costs and time.
Because the webinar is live, you can ask our expert questions via online chat during the program. In addition, we will be sending you pre-work approximately one day before the program date via email. Please register early to get these materials that will help guide your learning process!
In addition, paid registrants will have access to an archive of the program for a minimum of one year so that you can refer to it again and again to refresh your memory.
Please note that AMA Webinars are designed to provide a one-to-one learning experience for an individual and are not designed to be viewed in a group setting. Program access is available only via the MYAMA account of the registered attendee.
This webinar does not offer continuing education credits at this time. Archived/on-demand webinars do not qualify for CEUs.


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