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Business Enhancement Skills

Build your business savvy. Take the next step.

No matter the area or endeavour, we believe that leaders at all levels can outperform by adapting and committing to upgrading their knowledge and skills all the time. Our Business Enhancement courses run the gamut on professional development - from the Fundamentals of Finance and Budgeting, to Selling, Customer Service and more.


  • "  I liked the opportunity to interact with other project managers.  "

  • Michael Lai

  • "  I now understand how Finance comes up with the numbers for Balance Sheet, Cash flow Sheet and Income Statement. I can now see and understand how my company is doing. I also have more of an understanding in how to budget and how our company comes to terms with cutbacks at the office.  "

  • "  I enjoyed the group environment and interaction with other attendees. It made the course more enjoyable and helped to illustrate the different types of people.  "

  • "  It has met and exceeded my expectation and for a new manager. This course was great.  "

  • "  This was an excellent program. I strongly recommend it. I cam back refreshed and felt the material was right in-line with my function as a leader at Penn West.  "

    Doug Davey
    Manager, Technical Services
    Penn West Energy Trust

  • "  I enjoyed the interaction between participants and the willingness of Jim to discuss items until we were all in the loop.  "

  • "  Janelle is a terrific course administrator. She made everything very easy to understand and the information was of benefit to my boss and I.  "

  • "  Thank you for a great speaker! Very enjoyable.  "

  • "  The course offered good information with solid examples.  "