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Business Enhancement Skills

Build your business savvy. Take the next step.

No matter the area or endeavour, we believe that leaders at all levels can outperform by adapting and committing to upgrading their knowledge and skills all the time. Our Business Enhancement courses run the gamut on professional development - from the Fundamentals of Finance and Budgeting, to Selling, Customer Service and more.


  • "  Jim was a great facilitator and kept the energy level high. The course was fast-moving and applicable.  "

  • "  The exercises were terrific. I am going to see if our teams are forming, storming, norming or performing. I am also going to look at the DiSC exercise we did to see if there are things I can do to perform more effectively with others.  "

  • "  The content was very good and of great value.  "

  • Debbie Dockray

  • "  Leader was very excellent in delivering her material. I was able to learn different techniques to use when dealing with my customers and co-workers.  "

  • "  This course worked well for me as a new buyer.  "

  • "  Course material was very organized and easy to read. It will be a good resource in the future. The course leader was very knowledgeable and personable.  "

  • "  The course was highly interactive. Everybody was engaged and involved. It also addressed many real world situations.  "

  • "  Excellent, dynamic speaker; well qualified & personable.  "

  • "  It was a small group, which made it more of a coaching and mentoring environment, enabling the participants to readily apply the new techniques and concepts to their own environments.  "