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Human Resources & Training

Build teams. Build skills. Power through change.

To sustain future growth and ensure success, an organization must attract, select and retain top talent. Whether you're an HR professional or a manager trying to build your knowledge, our courses lay the foundation to expand your business acumen and prepare you to successfully leverage and engage your employees.

Our Human Resource and Training courses are scheduled nationally to offer you the most flexibility in developing your human resources and training skills. Courses are currently offered in Calgary, Live Online, Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Gain greater skills, confidence, and professional recognition. Complete 3 qualifying courses from the Human Resources & Training Portfolio within 24 months and receive a CMC Certificate in Human Resources Training. For more information about CMC`s Certificate Programs, call 1-866-929-1590.


  • "  Instructor Peter Taylor was outstanding as he led this class. The small group of five led to some very interesting conversation as the course progressed. It also enabled trust to develop quickly and therefore a more open and honest environment. The subject matter of the course was fascinating!  "

  • "  Most importantly, the course gave an overview of the role project management has within an organization. It provided ideas of how to breakdown a project into bite-sized steps.  "

  • "  This was very interesting and useful given that is was delivered in the context of real life experiences and the workplace rather than approaching it from a theoretical point of view.  "

  • "  The instructor was upbeat, knowledgeable and flexible with the content.  "

  • "  I liked the outline of the course. I wanted to learn how to write a marketing plan, and that was covered in detail.  "

  • "  Thank you John for sharing your knowledge, experiences and allowing us to share ours. Invaluable experience!  "

    Paolo Tuscano
    Canada Post Corporation

  • "  The number of course participants allowed a direct interaction between the trainer and students. Also, the trainer used the structure of topics and challenging statements to wake the students up from their day-to-day work procedures.  "

  • "  The instructor has a breadth of global, real world experience.  "

  • "  Lucie was a dynamic speaker and made the course materials relevant to my job.  "

  • "  It has met and exceeded my expectation and for a new manager. This course was great.  "