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Human Resources & Training

Build teams. Build skills. Power through change.

To sustain future growth and ensure success, an organization must attract, select and retain top talent. Whether you're an HR professional or a manager trying to build your knowledge, our courses lay the foundation to expand your business acumen and prepare you to successfully leverage and engage your employees.

Our Human Resource and Training courses are scheduled nationally to offer you the most flexibility in developing your human resources and training skills. Courses are currently offered in Calgary, Live Online, Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Gain greater skills, confidence, and professional recognition. Complete 3 qualifying courses from the Human Resources & Training Portfolio within 24 months and receive a CMC Certificate in Human Resources Training. For more information about CMC`s Certificate Programs, call 1-866-929-1590.


  • "  I enjoyed all aspects of the course, I found it very informative and practical.  "

  • "  What a rewarding learning opportunity. This course gave me what I needed to bring success to my organization & my career.  "

    Brad Holub
    VP Operations
    Sherritt International Corporation (recently promoted from GM Operations, Cuba)

  • "  I enjoyed the pace, the knowledge and the background of the instructor and the fact that he shared his experiences. The size of the group was small. Also, the course helped identify where the gaps are in our succession planning program.  "

  • "  Excellent, dynamic speaker; well qualified & personable.  "

  • "  I liked being able to apply the knowledge gained to real examples during the course.  "

  • "  The course was very informative and easy to understand.  "

  • "  Susan gave very good, interesting information on topics that I thought were going to be difficult. She made the course fun and full of insight.  "

  • Anthony Sabanal
    Director of Interactive Solutions
    St. Joseph Communications

  • "  I felt that the topics that were covered were extremely helpful because I would be able to apply these skills immediately.  "

  • "  My organization is only now starting to use strategic planning; this course provided me with the information I need to help my departments and my division to move ahead.  "

    Stan Szwagiel
    University of Toronto