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Passion. Vision. Inspiration. Be a Leader.

We offer a host of inspiring leadership and strategic management courses for both emerging and experienced leaders. All are designed to improve problem solving, decision making and critical thinking. And all help transform good leaders into great ones - catalysts inspiring positive change in their organizations.
And, our leadership training courses are scheduled nationally to offer you the most flexibility in developing your leadership training skills.  Courses are currently offerred in Calgary, Edmonton, Live Online, Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.
Gain greater skills, confidence and professional recognition. Complete 3 qualifying courses from the Leadership Porfolio within 24 months and receive a CMC Certificate in Leadership. For more information about CMC's Certificate Programs, call 1-866-929-1590.


  • "  The content was very good and of great value.  "

  • "  I thought that we had a perfect size for a course such as this. There were twelve in attendance, and it made for a very good rapport with one another.  "

  • "  I felt confident before the course and now I feel even much better while knowing the recipe and the rationale of the win-win negotiation parties.  "

  • "  I enjoyed the instructor, who was very knowledgeable and realistic.  "

  • "  The number of course participants allowed a direct interaction between the trainer and students. Also, the trainer used the structure of topics and challenging statements to wake the students up from their day-to-day work procedures.  "

  • "  Instructor was very knowledgeable and questions were answered without hesitation.  "

  • "  Gives me ideas/strategies to apply to real life, not just text book (school).  "

    Laurie Carstensen
    Panago Pizza Inc.

  • "  The course was highly interactive. Everybody was engaged and involved. It also addressed many real world situations.  "

  • "  The course offered good information with solid examples.  "

  • "  I liked the small group setting, friendly atmosphere, and that all participants came from a different field of work and shared their experiences with the group.  "