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Passion. Vision. Inspiration. Be a Leader.

We offer a host of inspiring leadership and strategic management courses for both emerging and experienced leaders. All are designed to improve problem solving, decision making and critical thinking. And all help transform good leaders into great ones - catalysts inspiring positive change in their organizations.
And, our leadership training courses are scheduled nationally to offer you the most flexibility in developing your leadership training skills.  Courses are currently offerred in Calgary, Calgary, Edmonton, Live Online, Markham, Mississauga, Mississauga, Ottawa, Ottawa, Toronto , Toronto, Vancouver and Vancouver.
Gain greater skills, confidence and professional recognition. Complete 3 qualifying courses from the Leadership Porfolio within 24 months and receive a CMC Certificate in Leadership. For more information about CMC's Certificate Programs, call 1-866-929-1590.


  • "  I enjoyed the interaction between participants and the willingness of Jim to discuss items until we were all in the loop.  "

  • "  Knowledgeable. Excellent relationship with students.  "

  • "  The one thing I liked best about the course was the amount of information I had learned in only two days!  "

  • "  A big part was our instructor, Susan. She was extremely knowledgeable and had great teaching skills. She certainly helped clear up a lot of questions I had and made the course much more interesting.  "

  • Debbie Dockray

  • "  The seminar was very interactive - lots of hands on training.  "

  • "  Just about everything covered in this course I can use immediately in the office.  "

  • "  I liked how the theory tied in well with practical experience. I was able to take away many tools to implement at work.  "

  • "  What I liked most about this course was the instructor because she made what can potentially be perceived as "fluffy" material very interesting by way of how she delivered the material. She used good examples and due to her vast experience in the field (and in delivering such courses, I'm sure) she was able to spontaneously come up with good suggestions as to how to handle specific situations the class questioned her on.  "

  • "  This was very interesting and useful given that is was delivered in the context of real life experiences and the workplace rather than approaching it from a theoretical point of view.  "