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Strategy & Analysis

Think strategically. Decide confidently. Expect Success

The ability to think critically and strategically differentiates  your talent and ensures greater results. It is also a key leadership skill. We’ve put together a portfolio of Strategy and Analysis courses to enhance your strategic mindset, advance your strategic planning abilities, and allow you to critically analyze information to make better business decisions.

Gain greater skills, confidence, and professional recognition.  Complete 3 qualifying courses from the Strategy & Analysis Portfolio within 24 months and receive a CMC Certificate in Strategy & Analysis  For more information about CMC`s Certificate Programs, call 1-866-929-1590. 


  • "  Lots of practical examples - knowledgable resource  "

  • "  [I] Enjoyed the course, it provides a framework to understand the necessity to think strategically and to do the right thing right.  "

    Jean Benoit
    Business Development Bank of Canada

  • "  I liked the fact that everybody that attended had the same problems and as a group, we discussed ways that we would handle them when we got back to the office. It gave you a good perspective on how to handle problems.  "

  • "  Amazing instructor -- knowledgeable, capture attention, able to gently push people in right direction. I very much enjoyed Janelle's sense of humour.  "

    Marijke Wortman
    Teekay Shipping

  • "  I liked the fact that Harry covered not just the hard skills, but also the soft skills. He showed a real interest and went out of his way to help us learn.  "

  • "  This was a learning milestone in my career!  "

    Carrie Wilemsen
    Gibson Energy Ltd

  • "  I like the course binder, as it provides background knowledge and will serve as a reference for the future.  "

  • "  I thought the course was very interesting and the flow was very comfortable.  "

  • "  The course was interactive, informative and helpful in all aspects.  "

  • "  The course was very informative and easy to understand.  "