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Change Management for the Accidental Change Manager

Manage change with confidence and competence.
Leaders at all levels are frequently required to manage change – from minor process changes to updates to technology to major reorganizations. But few of us are equipped to do this efficiently and effectively. If you are leading change, you need specific skills to overcome the resistance typically generated by change and to engage others in driving the change along with you.
Change Management for the Accidental Change Manager gives you the knowledge and tools to lead change initiatives at each phase of the change cycle. You’ll also apply your new skills to a change that you are currently managing at work. This applied learning approach will leave you feeling confident and prepared to drive changes in your organization. 

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

  • Assess a proposed change for your organization 
  • Establish a measureable, targeted outcome for the change
  • Develop a comprehensive change plan
  • Successfully prepare your people for change
  • Leverage insights from neuroscience to adapt the way you communicate change to your team
  • Explore ways to manage resistance to the change
  • Apply the appropriate tools and techniques to achieve the objectives of the change plan
  • Assess how successful you were at driving the change

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How You Will Benefit

  • Drive change with confidence, even if change management isn’t a formal part of your role
  • Understand how our brains operate when we feel threatened by change and use this knowledge to adjust the way you communicate with others
  • Gain tools and techniques to manage each aspect of the change process
  • Engage the resources that you need to make the change successful for you and your team
  • Encourage the acceptance of the change in the organization

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Course Features

  • Well-crafted templates that you can apply immediately in your workplace
  • Opportunity to work on your own change initiatives throughout the program
  • Business examples that illustrate common change management challenges 
  • Strategically crafted discussion sessions to maximize the sharing of knowledge from different industries and organizations

Who Should Attend

Team Leaders, Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and HR/OD professionals who are responsible for implementing change initiatives within their organizations.

Course Type

  • Classroom (2 Days)