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Design and Development for Live Online Delivery

Create live online training that keeps learners interested and engaged
All good training depends on strong design and content—but bad design and content will doom any training before it even gets out of the starting gate.  Live online synchronous training can have its own energy, immediacy and impact, just as classroom training does—but only if it’s conceived to play to the strengths of an online platform. In this seminar, you’ll explore how to  create the most effective course structure, from writing and sequencing objectives, to devising the most engaging activities, to creating outstanding learner and instructor materials. A special bonus of this course is its Learning Lab sessions, to help you practice and perfect your newly acquired skills between course lessons.

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

Instructional Design Basics  
  • Defining and describing the instructional design process
  • Identifying foundational principles and practices of instructional design 
  • Utilizing an instructional design course planner to create a live online program
The World of Virtual Classrooms
  • Comparing in-person to virtual classroom delivery
  • Describing the basic functionality of virtual delivery tools
  • Recognizing critical factors for successful online learning
Preparing to Design for the Virtual Classroom  
  • Assessing your target audience  
  • Evaluating the content in preparation for design 
Designing for the Virtual Classroom  
  • Recognizing the need for clear learning objectives 
  • Writing solid course objectives linked to performance outcomes
Learning Lab
Designing for the Virtual Classroom (Continued)
  • Explaining how to structure your course flow
  • Identifying opportunities to create interactions and activities that maximize engagement
Developing for Successful Virtual Classroom Delivery 
  • Applying best virtual delivery practices to developing classroom materials
  • Defining instructor and producer roles and content
Learning Lab
Presenting Your Virtual Classroom Module   
  • Practicing delivering your own project to a group of peers
  • Reflecting on successes and areas for development
  • Creating an action plan for continued development of your course 

How You Will Benefit

  • Apply the instructional design process to create live online synchronous courses 
  • Pinpoint your target audience and course objectives
  • Know how to design the course so you can engage all participants in a collaborative, interactive learning experience
  • Plan how to implement collaborative instructional design between designers, producers and facilitators

Course Features

Between Lessons 2 & 3 and between Lessons 3 & 4 are Learning Labs. These 1-1/2 hour labs are your opportunity to practice and perfect your newly acquired skills with the expert instructor between the course lessons.  Learning Labs are held 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. the 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays of each course.

Additional Details

6 lessons, Tue&Thu, 2:00-5:00 pm


  • $2499 Non-member
  • $2200 Member

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved with the design, development and delivery of live online synchronous training, including designers, experienced trainers and/or facilitators familiar with online delivery, as well as those who are new to the role of designing for online delivery.