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Developing Executive Leadership (Live Online)

Build an executive leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and guides your team to greater performance and profit.
This intensive program combines proven-in-action techniques with online peer interaction and insights from the latest research to help you master the competencies of effective executive leadership—right in your office where you can apply them as you learn. 

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Date City Times Course# 62501
  • Oct 16, 2017
    - Oct 25, 2017
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Jan 22, 2018
    - Jan 31, 2018
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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Course Details

What You Will Learn

Leadership Challenges
Recognize your leadership challenges
Consider the various definitions of leadership
Articulate the four competencies of effective leaders
Describe the difference between leading and managing
Explain the power of vision in organizations
Leading with the Head
Define the elements of strategic leadership and a strategic plan
Focus your vision in a way that is meaningful to you
Know the essence of goal setting and ways to set goals that will be accomplished
Understand the importance of prioritization
Leading with the Hands
  • Identify the performance needs of employees
  • Assess the readiness levels of your followers
  • Intervene with followers at the appropriate level
  • Use Situational Leadership® to build more effective teams
  • Know your preferred leadership style
  • Improve team performance through coaching
Leading with the Feet
  • Recognize the factors that impact trust in organizations
  • Tie the four cornerstones of trust to the four competencies of effective leadership
  • Explain the nature of two-way trust and how to build it
  • Anticipate value differences at work
  • Know how to approach ethical dilemmas in a logical, rational manner
Leading with the Heart
  • Identify the three main things that motivate employees
  • Foster a greater sense of pride and enjoyment among your employees
  • Differentiate among the different types of organizational culture
  • Listen and communicate with others more effectively
  • Focus on the future in more positive terms
  • Understand the elements of emotional intelligence
  • Know where your emotional intelligence strengths and development needs lie
Action Plan
  • Build an action plan to help apply and integrate the concepts from this course into your daily work life

How You Will Benefit

  • Build an executive leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and guides your entire team toward greater performance and profit
  • Gain insights into the key executive leadership skills and techniques you need to create a winning strategy
  • Learn what real “coaching” consists of and how to build an extraordinary team that works together to deliver results
  • Develop heightened “emotional intelligence” for greater professional achievement and satisfaction
  • Identify the characteristics of effective leadership and the most common saboteur
  • Develop an executive leadership style that adapts to the person and situation
  • Improve performance through empowerment and effective delegation
  • Clearly communicate mission, vision and value statements
  • Build a cohesive unit that performs well in all situations
  • Apply executive leadership training to continue your growth as a leader through a self-development plan

Additional Details

Four 3-hour sessions run over a 2 week period (Monday and Wednesday in 2 consecutive weeks). 

Live Online courses are delivered in partnership with the American Management Association.

These courses offer the high-calibre faculty and quality content that Canadian Management Centre is known for, but in a live online format— delivered in easy-to-manage lesson installments that won’t disrupt your work week. Learn new skills, sharpen existing ones and enhance your career journey!

  • Interactive, instructor-led course in a user-friendly platform
  • Talk and text with faculty and peers via chat and VoIP
  • Share files and work in breakout group activities
  • Access live, 24/7 customer support throughout your AMA learning experience
  • Lessons are divided into manageable 3-hour blocks


  • $2,500 Member
  • $2,799 Non-Member

Who Should Attend

Midlevel managers or executives who lead others with managerial responsibility. It will benefit executives who require strong decision-making skills and the ability to lead and motivate others.