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How to Effectively Lead Virtual Team Meetings

As travel costs skyrocket and budgets are slashed, virtual teams are becoming a fact of life for many managers.
When you are called upon to lead a virtual team, you face challenges that traditional management techniques can’t always solve. Foremost among these is conducting team meetings that occur without the benefit of face-to-face interaction.
This webinar focuses on solutions to the unique issues you face when meeting with team members in a virtual workspace, whether it be multisite, multicountry, multitime-zone, or all of the above.
To effectively engage a virtual team and lead them to high performance, both team leaders and members need to equip themselves with the right skills and tools. This program is designed to give the entire team effective tools to conduct virtual team meetings, build team interaction, and improve virtual team dynamics.

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

Conducting successful virtual meetings requires that you expand your current skill set, allowing you to balance new social skills with a technology interface. For example, by attending this webinar, you’ll discover tactics and approaches for:
  • Building rapport with virtual team members, even if you have never met face-to-face
  • Conducting a virtual team meeting using an efficient 4-step process
  • Tips for using common technology and communication tools 
  • Proven practices to improve interteam communication
  • 10 keys for leading successful conference calls and team meetings
  • 8 guidelines for the host or facilitator in the virtual setting
Attendance to this webinar is limited, so register now!

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the success factors for facilitating meetings in a virtual environment
  • Apply methods that improve communication and nurture trust with remote team members
  • Understand important technical tools for running successful meetings

Additional Details

AMA Webinars provide you with a cost-effective and convenient way to boost your know-how. You can participate in the comfort of your office without the need for travel costs and time.
Because the webinar is live, you can ask our expert questions via online chat during the program. In addition, we will be sending you pre-work approximately one day before the program date via email. Please register early to get these materials that will help guide your learning process!
In addition, paid registrants will have access to an archive of the program for a minimum of one year so that you can refer to it again and again to refresh your memory.
Please note that AMA Webinars are designed to provide a one-to-one learning experience for an individual and are not designed to be viewed in a group setting. Program access is available only via the MYAMA account of the registered attendee.
This particular webinar does not offer continuing education credits.


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