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How to Solve Employee Performance Problems

Help with one of the most difficult aspects of managing people
Underperformance, disengagement, a lack of accountability or even problem behaviors are just some of the challenges that you have to face when you are working to get things done through others.
These types of employee performance problems can take up your time and drain your energy. 
Ignoring them isn’t a solution.
Most of the time they are unlikely to go away on their own—although we may wish they would. And performance challenges aren’t just the manager’s problem. Left unresolved they can become a virus that affects the motivation and output of the entire work team.

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What You Will Learn

Solutions to employee performance problems aren’t always easy—but they are usually possible. The first step is to identify the reasons for the problem performance. Once you’ve identified the cause or causes, conducting the crucial conversations and proactively working with the employee to help him or her improve his or her performance, are the essential skills to master.
This webinar can help you to identify the factors that affect employee performance and the leading causes of performance problems. Beyond better understanding, the webinar will offer proven strategies and tactics for turning around problem performers and generating greater engagement and accountability, including:
  • A step-by-step process for giving performance feedback to unfreeze behavior and accelerate change
  • 7 causes of employee performance problems—and what to do about them
  • Strategies for taking the emotion out of “charged” performance conversations
  • 2 factors that you absolutely  must pay attention to when dealing with a performance problem
  • A positive 5-step process for working with a “problem child”
  • A Performance Problem checklist to keep you focused and on track in solving performance problems

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