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Leading Virtual and Remote Teams (Live Online)

For virtual or remote teams to succeed, the team leader must successfully apply special insights and techniques to guide performance and work relationships.
Workplaces around the world are enjoying the power and opportunities of being linked virtually though technology. The leader of a virtual or remote team must successfully apply special insights and techniques to guide performance and work relationships with employees who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away.
This powerful and interactive Live Online seminar can help you build truly synergistic and effective long-distance teams. You'll get the tools and methods you need to manage and lead virtual and remote teams with success and complete confidence.

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Date City Times Course# 62280
  • Sep 11, 2017
    - Sep 13, 2017
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Jan 22, 2018
    - Jan 24, 2018
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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Course Details

What You Will Learn

Three 3-hour lessons over a 1-week period 
Leading Virtual Teams—What’s Different?
  • Define Types of Virtual Teams
  • Define the Unique Needs of Virtual Workers
  • Define What It Takes to Lead a Virtual Team
  • Identify Team Needs Based on the Distance/Dependency Model
Building and Maintaining Trust in Virtual Teams
  • Define the Components of Trust
  • Identify the Leader’s Role to Create and Sustain Trust
  • Assess Trust Needs for Different Types of Virtual and Remote Teams
Leading and Facilitating Virtual Communications
  • Demonstrate Techniques for Frequent, Authentic, and Transparent
  • Communications
  • Describe Principles for Choosing Technology to Support Virtual Work
  • Define Fundamental Cultural Differences in Communicating
  • Identify Best Practices for Managing Conflict in Virtual Teams
Managing the Performance of Virtual Teams
  • Identify Virtual Performance Management Challenges
  • Describe Best Practices for Performance Management in Virtual Teams
  • Match Performance Management Needs of Team Members to Tools and Techniques for Managing Performance Virtually
Coaching in a Virtual Environment
  • Explain All the Components of the GROW Model of Coaching
  • Use Key Skills for Listening and Questioning
  • Effectively Use Tools and Techniques to Coach Virtually
How to Facilitate Virtual Meetings
  • Identify Pre-Meeting Tips and Best Practices
  • Identify Meeting and Post-Meeting Tips and Best Practices
  • Demonstrate Effective Meeting Facilitation Skills
  • Describe Nine Influences Strategies and How to Apply Them in a Virtual Environment

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify the unique competencies of virtual leaders and team members
  • Recognize team need for relationships based on tasks and team member distance 
  • Select and use effective tools, techniques, and technology designed specifically for virtual teams
  • Manage performance from a distance more effectively
  • Utilize best practices for building and maintaining trust and connection in virtual and remote teams
  • Develop virtual team meeting facilitation skills and learn to use influence skills in a virtual environment

Additional Details

Three 3-hour lessons over a 1-week period 
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These courses offer the high-calibre faculty and quality content that Canadian Management Centre is known for, but in a live online format— delivered in easy-to-manage lesson installments that won’t disrupt your work week. Learn new skills, sharpen existing ones and enhance your career journey!
  • Interactive, instructor-led course in a user-friendly platform
  • Talk and text with faculty and peers via chat and VoIP
  • Share files and work in breakout group activities
  • Access live, 24/7 customer support throughout your AMA learning experience
  • Lessons are divided into manageable 3-hour blocks


  • $2,500 Members
  • $2,799 Non-Members

Who Should Attend

Managers, senior managers, directors, and project leaders of global and/or geographically dispersed teams.