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Mastering Excel® Database Management Tools

Time-Saving Shortcuts for Sorting, Filtering, and More…
Excel users who build and maintain database-like worksheets need to manage their data efficiently and they need to optimize their use of Excel’s many powerful and easy-to-use database commands and techniques. These are critical to anyone who maintains an Excel database. This course explores those features needed to modify, build, and manage an Excel database, including: validating data, using the Table feature, sorting, adding automatic subtotals, filtering, using the Advanced Filter (for complex filtering), and database analysis functions.
For 90-minutes, Excel expert Dennis Taylor will lead you through a full array of powerful and easy-to-use database commands and methods critical to effectively working with Excel databases.
In this webinar, you will learn how to improve your Excel database skills so that you can better summarize info-making better, more-informed business decisions. For example, you’ll discover:
  •  Easy-to-use methods to build and manage your database
  •  Specialized database functions that simplify your job
  •  Techniques to sort and filter data in order to identify business trends
  •  Tips and tricks to validate your data and guarantee accuracy

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

  • Restrict cell content by forcing users to pick entries from a pick list
  • Restrict cell content by value, text, or data/time
  • Restrict cell content by formula
  • Use auditing tools to check the validity of existing data
  • Build and maintain a database with the Form feature
  • Use multiple-key sorts from the menu or from button commands
  • Sort based on rearranging rows or rearranging columns
  • Sort based on cell color, font color, or icon; sort in random order
  • Sort text data based on customized lists—override alphabetical order
  • How to get rid of extra spaces that prevent matching and sorting
  • Set up single and multiple-level subtotals
  • Expand and collapse displays quickly with grouping and outlining symbols
  • Set up filtering to see and print a subset of data
  • Create compound selection criteria for filtering data
  • Use Excel’s greatly expanded special filtering tools for Text, Number, and Date fields
  • Use the Advanced Filter to overcome limitations of standard filtering; use complex criteria
  • Use the Text to Columns command to split data into multiple columns
  • Use the Remove Duplicates command to eliminate redundant records
  • Using SUMIF and COUNTIF and related functions for quick data analysis
Please note: The presenter will be demonstrating these methods and techniques using Excel 2010.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will understand and be able to apply a variety of Excel data manipulation tools to solve a variety of database analysis and management problems.

Additional Details

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Because the Webinar is live, you can ask our expert questions via online chat during the program. In addition, we will be sending you pre-work approximately one day before the program date via email. Please register early to get these materials which will help guide your learning process!
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This webinar does not qualify for CEU credits.
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