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Mastering Excel® Macros

Save Time by Automating Repetitive Tasks with Simple-to-Use Macros
Do you find yourself repeating the same click-click-click sequence of keystrokes over and over again when you’re working on spreadsheets?
If you do, you’ve probably also found that using multiple keystrokes opens yourself up to slip-and-click errors that consume even more of your time … or cause embarrassing gotchas!
This interactive, 90-minute webinar explores the rationale and techniques for using macros in Excel to eliminate repetitive command sequences, automate your work, and use Excel more efficiently.
A macro is Excel’s automation tool. As you work with this powerful software, you often find yourself performing the same tasks repeatedly. If you regularly update sales figures, plot data on a chart, or apply special formats, you may find yourself repeating the same sequence of commands and actions.
With a macro, you can store these sets of procedures and not have to repeat the entire sequence of actions each time you need to perform them. You can also easily activate them with a keystroke combination, a toolbar button, or an on-screen pointer.
The result is that you’ll save a good deal of time and effort and improve accuracy by creating macros.

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

Macros can eliminate some of the drudgery associated with repetitive tasks, as well as open the door to powerful capabilities that you cannot perform with standard Excel techniques.
Join us as seasoned Excel coach Dennis Taylor explains exactly what macros are and how to put them to work for you right now! You’ll learn the best and fastest ways to create and modify time-saving macros with a minimum of effort, including: 
  • Recognizing situations ideal for creating macros
  • How to create a macro by recording, and why this is usually the best way to create a macro 
  • Four ways to run a macro— keystroke shortcut, toolbar button, command, or graphic 
  • Ways to work with macro code (in the language called Visual Basic) created when you record command sequences
  • How use the step method to test a macro slowly
  • Understanding when you need to add code to a macro and efficient ways to do it
  • Ways to extend the power of macros to perform tasks you cannot achieve with standard Excel features.
By seeing examples of how you can automate repetitive tasks—whether short or long—you'll be able to create tools that you can use to work more efficiently with Excel. Plus, a quick introduction to the world of Visual Basic will give you insight into how this programming feature broadens the scope of Excel usage.
Get the expertise others envy—and bosses clamor for!

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of creating Excel macros to reduce keystrokes when analyzing and manipulating complex data in spreadsheets.

Additional Details

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Please note: The instructor will be demonstrating these methods and techniques using Excel 2010.
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