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Breaking Through to "Difficult People"

Dr. Mark Goulston

Dealing with people can be hard if they are angry, difficult, or upset. How do you reach someone when they are no longer listening? Here are 5 ways to break through to difficult people:
  1. “Do You Really Believe That?” When a person launches into an out-of-control rant about an awful problem or unbearable situation, how it’s the end of the world, etc., etc., simply ask: “Do you really believe that?” The trick is to ask this question in a very calm and straightforward way. Your intent is not to antagonize or degrade, but rather to make the rant-er stop and realize that he or she is really making a mountain out of a molehill. Once in a rare while, you may be shocked when someone responds to this question with a firm “yes.” If that happens, you should really listen to what that person has to say.


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  • "  Not only did I learn from the presenters, I also learned from all the students (professionals) that I was lucky to be surrounded by all week.  "

    Vicki Burnell
    Aero Medical Industrial Services

  • "  The course offered very useful knowledge that I can apply to my company right away.  "

  • "  Peter, you have a tremendous ability to reach people.  "

  • "  I liked the real-life examples provided by the instructor and by others in the class - it allowed me to see how I might apply what I was learning to my own situation.  "

  • "  Lucie was a dynamic speaker and made the course materials relevant to my job.  "

  • "  I found the course interesting and progressive in its approach to explaining a fairly dry topic.  "

  • "  The number of course participants allowed a direct interaction between the trainer and students. Also, the trainer used the structure of topics and challenging statements to wake the students up from their day-to-day work procedures.  "

  • "  I liked the opportunity to interact with other project managers.  "

  • "  Just about everything covered in this course I can use immediately in the office.  "

  • "  Most importantly, the course gave an overview of the role project management has within an organization. It provided ideas of how to breakdown a project into bite-sized steps.  "