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Speed Writing for Business Meetings and Beyond

The Fast Way to Take Accurate Notes
Whether you’re meeting with one person or a hundred people… taking a message over the phone… jotting notes at a conference… today’s business world demands that you capture critical information at a rapid speed.
So imagine being able to write as much as twice as fast as you do now.
You'll keep up easily when taking notes in meetings, conferences, or on the phone. You’ll capture what you need as quickly as they talk and you won’t miss a word.
Everyone can benefit from writing faster.
This webinar will teach you a super-fast handwriting method based on the letters of the alphabet. This is not a shorthand method that requires squiggles on the page or unfamiliar hieroglyphics—you will write using letters of the English language.

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

This course creates a foundation for success by teaching you to write how a word sounds. We will focus on these five areas to boost your handwriting speed: 
  1. Simple words
  2. Words with prefixes
  3. Words with suffixes
  4. Past tense 
  5. Compound words
Once we have established a foundation of writing how a word sounds, this course will also show you how to use common abbreviations and how to use symbols.
As an added bonus, this course will introduce you to a note-taking method designed to help you save time and take notes with the greatest efficiency based upon the time-tested Cornell Method.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Summarize the elements of speedwriting in taking notes
  • Understand writing techniques for speed
  • Demonstrate methods for speedwriting success


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