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Taking Effective and Accurate Meeting Minutes

Tips for Creating Exceptional Meeting Minutes
Whether they are in person, online, or via a conference call, meetings are a necessary part of the day-to-day operations of most businesses. Meeting minutes serve as an official record of the event, and you have the critical role of creating them and ensuring that they are accurate.
You want your notes to be clear and precise, and by delivering accurate meeting minutes you gain the perfect opportunity to shine like a star.
This webinar breaks the process down into three key parts: preparing for the meeting, taking notes during the meeting, and completing the job by distributing a report after the meeting. You’ll discover specific tips for taking spot-on meeting notes and writing a concise report that provides details of what transpired.

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  • Aug 1, 2017
    - Aug 1, 2017
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    - 2:30 PM
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Course Details

What You Will Learn

This isn't a task reserved for secretaries and administrative assistants only. Any person who attends a meeting may be asked to take notes and create minutes. Accuracy is of the utmost importance.
And taking meeting minutes is one task that you are rarely formally trained to do, yet are expected to pick up right away.
How can you make your meeting minutes more effective and set yourself apart as a star employee? By taking great meeting notes and following through on the tasks and action items you were assigned. For 90 minutes, this course explores:
Before the Meeting
  • Tips on preparing effective templates that save you time and effort
  • Shortcuts for drafting an agenda that structures your minutes
  • Examples of useful and time-saving notes templates
  • Advice on creating a powerful checklist to guide your note taking
During the Meeting
  • How to note motions throughout the meeting
  • Ways to recap decisions that outline what was decided and what was agreed to
  • Specific words and phrases to accurately summarize discussions
  • Understanding when to be specific with your notes and when to summarize
  • Tips for noting outstanding items (what was left pending)
  • Three key points regarding style in writing minutes
After the Meeting
  • How to make quick work of correcting your notes
  • Tips for cleaning up and drafting the final minutes report for the official record
  • Techniques to handle corrections & prepare the meeting minutes for distribution
  • Advice on filing/indexing the minutes for easy access
Because recording accurate meeting minutes is so important, this is a great chance for you to spend a short time learning how to do it better.

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