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Making the Transition from Staff Member to Supervisor (Live Online)

Establish your presence as a new boss, build credibility and adapt your style to every situation that comes your way.
This Live Online seminar will prepare you to take your first supervisory role with ease and confidence. It will provide you with techniques and strategies for setting goals, tackling difficult conflicts, motivating, delegating and much more. Through interactive practice and feedback, you’ll be ready to apply your new knowledge on the job and get the most from your team.

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Upcoming Sessions

Date City Times Course# 62243
  • Jul 18, 2017
    - Jul 27, 2017
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Sep 19, 2017
    - Sep 28, 2017
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Nov 7, 2017
    - Nov 16, 2017
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Jan 16, 2018
    - Jan 25, 2018
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Mar 6, 2018
    - Mar 15, 2018
    Live Online 2:00 PM
    - 5:00 PM
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Course Details

What You Will Learn

Letting Go of Your Former Role
  • Understand the change process
  • Identify new challenges and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Determine expectations from your boss, employees, peers, and senior management
Setting Goals for Yourself and Others
  • Set SMART goals for yourself and others
  • Delegate tasks with focus on quality standards
  • Project Delegation
  • Benefits and challenges to delegation
  • Delegation in five steps
Managing Your Time
  • Use a prioritizing tool to clarify your priorities
  • Practice specific “quick hits” for managing time effectively
  • Demonstrate techniques for protecting your time from infringement by others
  • Defining Your Personal Behavioral Style
  • Identify your own behavioral style preferences
  • Demonstrate the best way to communicate with bosses, employees, or peers whose style preferences differ from yours
Motivating Others
  • General motivation concepts
  • Employee motivators and supervisor actions
  • Create a motivating environment
  • Understanding Adult Learners
  • Train people on the job
  • Understand different learning styles
  • 5-step model for training people on the job
Give and Receive Feedback Constructively
  • Deliver supportive and corrective feedback using the Instant Feedback Device
  • Developing Legal Awareness
  • Identify the basic laws governing all aspects of the performance cycle
  • Discuss your obligation under these laws

Additional Details

Four 3-hour sessions run over a 2 week period (Tuesday and Thursday in 2 consecutive weeks). 

Live Online courses are delivered in partnership with the American Management Association.

These courses offer the high-calibre faculty and quality content that Canadian Management Centre is known for, but in a live online format— delivered in easy-to-manage lesson installments that won’t disrupt your work week. Learn new skills, sharpen existing ones and enhance your career journey!

  • Interactive, instructor-led course in a user-friendly platform
  • Talk and text with faculty and peers via chat and VoIP
  • Share files and work in breakout group activities
  • Access live, 24/7 customer support throughout your AMA learning experience
  • Lessons are divided into manageable 3-hour blocks


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Who Should Attend

Newly promoted supervisors with less than one year of experience in this position; process and production supervisors who want to enhance their effectiveness through supervisor training.