How to Write a Darn Good Email

  • Business Writing & Presentation Skills
  • Course Code: 62007
Ensuring That What You Write Is What You Mean
Email demands clear and efficient writing, but “oops” is an all-too-common occurrence.
We’ve all seen how easily misunderstandings in email messages can compromise clear communication.
Attend this helpful webinar to get a fast-paced, hands-on lesson to strengthen your ewriting skills.
Through examples and exercises, you will learn how to target your audience, get to the point, and develop and maintain a professional email style.

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How You Will Benefit

Understanding challenges of email communication

Getting started quickly: Idea lists, the three As (aim, audience, area) 

Getting to the point: Strong subject lines, openings, and closings

Structuring your message clearly

Helpful guidelines for structuring your message 

Maintaining a professional tone by recognizing what is and is not appropriate for ecommunications 

Polishing your email for a professional style for yourself and your organization

Because so many of your communications are via email, this is a great chance for you to spend a short time learning how to do it better.


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