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  • "  Jim was a great facilitator and kept the energy level high. The course was fast-moving and applicable.  "

  • "  Just about everything covered in this course I can use immediately in the office.  "

  • "  Excellent subject knowledge & depth, very clear & methodical, and excellent mentor.  "

    David Johnson

  • "  The course offered very useful knowledge that I can apply to my company right away.  "

  • "  This course worked well for me as a new buyer.  "

  • "  [I] Enjoyed the course, it provides a framework to understand the necessity to think strategically and to do the right thing right.  "

    Jean Benoit
    Business Development Bank of Canada

  • Anthony Sabanal
    Director of Interactive Solutions
    St. Joseph Communications

  • "  I liked how the theory tied in well with practical experience. I was able to take away many tools to implement at work.  "

  • "  I liked the fact that Harry covered not just the hard skills, but also the soft skills. He showed a real interest and went out of his way to help us learn.  "

  • "  Most importantly, the course gave an overview of the role project management has within an organization. It provided ideas of how to breakdown a project into bite-sized steps.  "