Trust Me, I'm from HR

By John Gibbons

I just got back from the i4cp 2012 Annual Conference and I feel amazing. Of course, getting to hang out for four wonderful days with passionate HR practitioners, brilliant thought leaders, and terrific colleagues - at a stunning Arizona resort, no less - would be enough to recharge anyone's batteries. Although, for me, with my pale Irish skin and bald head, spending more than about 15 minutes in the desert sun is more like accidentally touching the jumper cables when I'm charging my car's dead battery than it is a personal "recharge."

Despite my peeling forehead, I admit that what happened inside my head made my sunburn pale in comparison (pardon the pun). For example, John Boudreau has always been a hero of mine and he reignited my passion for building evidence-based approaches to managing talent. Karl-Heinz Oehler from The Hertz Corporation inspired me with his relentless pursuit of demonstrating empirical value to business performance. And Ed Gadsden from Pfizer reminded me (personally and publicly) that "inclusion" should be managed as a verb, not a noun.

A really cool part of my job is having the privilege of introducing speakers at the conference. This year I had the honor of welcoming Stephen M. R. Covey to the stage, whose theme was "Using Smart Trust to Minimize Risk and Maximize Possibilities."  As part of my introduction, I referenced some research our i4cp research team conducted on the issue of trust. What I thought would be a nice USA Today-type factoid turned out to be much more for me, and I think also for others at the conference.  

Consider this:

Only 41% of respondents to a recent i4cp survey indicate that their organization manages trust well.

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