Applying Agile to Non-Technology Projects

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The Manifesto for Agile Software Development may have been written for software development, but the core principles on which it was based — servant-leadership and lean manufacturing — can be applied to any type of project. The release of the Sixth Edition of the PMBOK® Guide and the new Agile Practice Guide reinforces the importance for all project managers to add some Agile tools to their project management toolbelt. This 1-day course will change the way you look at Agile project management and teach Agile behaviours, practices and techniques which can be used regardless of industry or project delivery approach.

How You Will Benefit

Through the exploration of project scenarios, group exercises, and facilitated discussion, participants completing this workshop will learn how to …

  • Develop a checklist to help their organizations profile projects for Agile delivery suitability
  • Discover more about Servant Leadership and its criticality to Agile success for key delivery roles
  • Learn how to tailor or adapt traditional project management practices across the ten
  • PMBOK® Guide knowledge areas when managing an Agile project
  • Understand which Agile practices and techniques can be used without adaptation and which need to be modified to fit non-technology scope
  • Benefit from the application of agile techniques on projects generally not associated with Agile project management
  • Understand when to incorporate tradition, agile, or a combination approach in order to provide the best project management solution for a given situation.
  • Leverage and expand upon your existing knowledge in Agile and Traditional Project Management


Who Should Attend

Product Owners, Project Managers, Project Management Methodologists. Participants of this workshop should have completed prior foundational level training in both traditional and agile project management. We recommend completion of the following courses, or equivalents:


We are working on scheduling more dates and locations for this course. You can submit a request for a classroom session and we will work with you to find a course, time and date that meets your needs.

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