Open Enrolment Training: A catalyst for impactful learning

At Canadian Management Centre, we believe when it comes to learning the old hat lecture method went out around the same time as overhead transparencies and chalkboards. It’s why 70% of classroom experience is based on our dynamic Open Enrolment Training approach – with real-life interaction, examples, case-studies, assessments, practice and discussions aimed at connecting participants, opening lines of communication, shortening learning curves and elevating thinking.

And Canadian Management Centre Open Enrolment courses don’t only benefit individual attendees – the entire organization gains from their learning and leadership training experience. 

Join us for an Open Enrolment Course!

Our Open Enrolment Training approach includes:

  • Intimate class sizes with personal attention
  • Global knowledge delivered by a local expert for true workplace impact
  • Networking and learning from those in similar situations, but from different industries and organizations for expanded points of view
  • A safe learning environment where it's all right to admit what you don’t know and get help to close those gaps

Open Enrolment achieves results

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 99.8% of our attendees would recommend our courses to a colleague
  • 99% agree their course was a good value for their time

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