7 Proven Practices to Boost Employee Engagement Productivity and Performance

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Steps to Building a Highly Engaged Workforce
Top organizations gain a source of competitive advantage from having engaged employees. An engaged workforce impacts individual and organizational performance in five distinct ways, by:
1. Improving the cognitive and creative performance of employees
2. Increasing employee discretionary effort
3. Boosting employee alignment with the leader's and organization's goals
4. Developing better communication and cooperation
5. Increasing the marketplace of ideas that fuels innovation
Sadly, few organizations benefit from employee engagement.
Research shows that two-thirds of employees in America -- and nearly 90 percent of employees globally -- are not engaged.  When employees are NOT engaged, they show up for their paycheck but give less than their best performance which acts as a drag on organizational results. 
This webinar explores seven practices that boost individual and organizational performance based on research and implementation by top teams from leading organizations.
These approaches were identified and validated using over a decade of research.  Each practice includes an explanation of the practice, why it works and explains how to implement it using inspiring examples from a mix of business, government, healthcare and social sector organizations.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Explain three types of workplace relational cultures and how each affects human biology and performance

Describe research-based practices that boost individual and organizational performance


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