Moving Ahead: Breaking Behaviour Patterns that Hold You Back

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Course Code: 32255

Change your professional image by overcoming destructive workplace behaviour

Being highly reactive, being unaware of others’ feelings and emotions, constantly questioning authority, being overly emotional, exhibiting pessimism - These are just a few examples of behaviours that contribute to a poor professional image – even for the most capable employees. Through this course you will overcome and resolve workplace situations where your ineffective behaviour tend to shine.

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How You Will Benefit

Identify triggers that can elicit negative behaviour

Successfully change  career-sabotaging habits

Manage feelings of frustration and anger in the workplace

Gain recognition for contributing to a more positive work environment

Improve your professional image

Create a positive work environment

Minimize risk due to destructive behaviour


Who Should Attend

Employees, managers, supervisors, team leaders who would benefit from a change in behaviour patterns for more effective workplace outcomes.


44 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Past Participant, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency - ACOA Mar 12, 2017

  • Past Participant, Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc. Mar 8, 2017

    Small group, which was great.  People were allowed to speak on real situations (which is great) and the facilitator Angie, did a great job keeping us on track.  There was 1 participant that seemed to comment on everything that was said - But Angie did wonderfully to listen to her, respond to her and get the course moving along.  She did a great job and it was a great course. Angie did a great job, covered all the material and kept us on track so we could complete all the materials we were suppose to.  She always asked if anyone had questions and addressed any questions that were asked of her. The course was thoughtful and gave me much needed insight of the corp. culture and how that no matter how much I may do, if I can't play well with the others in the sandbox, then it does not matter how much I do.  I have to be more aware of how others see me and how they may feel working with me.  And the course was as good as it was also because of the teacher - Angie!!!!

  • Past Participant, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada Mar 8, 2017

  • Junior F. Dec 18, 2016

     Sheila delivered the material very effectively and kept the group engaged with real life examples.  Her energy and enthusiasm for the course was very evident and rubbed off on all members. I would like to spend more time on our action plan that we developed for our individual scenarios at work.  This seemed to be a little rushed as it was one of the last things we did.  Overall a great course and amazing experience as it taught me a lot of things about myself and how I interact with others.

  • D'mitri Mar 15, 2016

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