Crash Course for New Managers

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  • Course Code: 62083
AMA's How-To Webinar for New Managers
When you move from being an individual contributor to overseeing the work of others, you’ll face a whole set of new challenges. The truth is that the skills that made you a great team player won't necessarily make you a great manager.
This 90-minute webinar sets you on the right course to developing a set of skills that can help you manage people, organize a productive team, and deliver results. You’ll find that this will make the transition to your new role smoother and more successful.
And everything you learn, you'll be able to use right away.
When tough problems come up, you'll know how to handle them. When you're faced with a crisis, you'll react with confidence. All in all, you'll be better equipped to keep employees engaged and focused on meeting their goals... helping you achieve success.

How You Will Benefit


Who Should Attend

New supervisors and managers with less than one year of experience

Aspiring and soon-to-be-promoted managers

Struggling managers having little or no formal management training


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