Difficult Performance Reviews: How to Turn Painful Conversations into Positive Results

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How to Deliver Positive Feedback in Tough Conversations
For most managers, the toughest discussions of the year are coming up soon in the form of annual performance reviews.
Naturally, these sessions can lead many to feel uncomfortable.
The way you handle these conversations is even more difficult when you have to deliver feedback in this environment of economic uncertainty.
However, when conducted properly, these sessions provide you with a great opportunity to help your employees focus on their goals and boost their morale—while correcting flaws that can hold them back.
This 90-minute interactive webinar provides tested methods to help you prepare for and conduct these discussions in a way that invites balanced participation, stays true to your message, focuses on performance, gains acceptance, and reduces defensiveness.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Develop plans for more effective employee performance reviews

Identify key approaches to avoid problems during the appraisal process

Understand the records that protect your organization against potential lawsuits


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