Hands-On Kanban

  • Project Management
  • Course Code: 96030

Scrum might be the most popular agile delivery framework, but it is by no means the only one.

Scrum can be an effective way to deliver a product or service with a cross-functional team it has numerous drawbacks which limit its applicability in many contexts. If your only exposure to Kanban has been through the use of work boards, you may be surprised to learn that it provides a complete alternative to Scrum. It starts from where your team currently is by respecting its current state but enables them to evolve delivery practices in a value-focused manner. Unlike Scrum, which is a prescriptive method, Kanban empowers the team to make decisions about roles, artifacts and ceremonies. Kanban can be applied within project and operational contexts making it a more versatile method for increasing agility.  This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of Kanban and give you hands-on practice with the tools you need to introduce it within your team.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Broaden your knowledge of agile methods
  • Understand in which contexts Kanban could be a good alternative to Scrum
  • Learn how to implement the Kanban method for your team

Through the exploration of project scenarios, group exercises, and facilitated discussion, participants completing this workshop will

  • Understand how to position Scrum relative to Kanban as well as the characteristics which would favour one method over the other
  • Learn a step-by-step approach to implement the Kanban method within your team
  • Discover metrics used to measure your team’s work and work flow


Who Should Attend

This course is for experienced Project Managers and Agile Leads (e.g. Scrum Masters)


This is an advanced agile workshop, attendees should have some hands-on experience with agile delivery and have format training in agile fundamentals such as Agile Project Management Hands On.


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