Kanban – an Adaptive Delivery Framework Which Optimizes Value

  • Project Management
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If your only exposure to Kanban has been work boards, you may be surprised to learn that Kanban provides a complete delivery alternative to other frameworks.

Kanban starts from where your team is by understanding its current state and empowering them to improve their delivery practices in a value-focused manner. Kanban is an adaptive framework that is designed to optimize workflow and efficiency, without having to micro-manage the team or stretch the team beyond its limits. It is applicable to both project and non-project (operational) work, however, unlike many other adaptive delivery approaches (e.g. Scrum) which are prescriptive, Kanban enables the team to make decisions about roles, artifacts and ceremonies.  In this workshop, you learn the fundamentals of the Kanban framework and develop skills through hands-on practice with the tools you need to introduce within your team.

How You Will Benefit

  • Broaden your knowledge of adaptive methods
  • Understand in which contexts Kanban could be a good alternative to Scrum 
  • Learn how to implement the Kanban method for your team

Learning Objectives

Through the exploration of project scenarios, group exercises, and facilitated discussion, participants will:

  • Understand why Kanban might be a better choice for another delivery framework
  • Learn a step-by-step approach to implement Kanban within your team
  • Discover metrics which you can use to measure your team’s work and workflow
  • Determine how to improve your delivery approach over time

Applicable Project Environments

  • Predictive (traditional), adaptive (agile) and hybrid project environments
  • Projects with deliverables in which task timing and allocation of resources can be optimized through improved workflow
  • Project environments in which: 
    • The project team is self-motivated 
    • Adaptive techniques such as Scrum are too “rigid” in their approach or are not delivering anticipated benefits
    • Traditional (predictive) frameworks such as “waterfall” do not improve workflow

Who Should Attend

This course is for those with experience in both predictive and adaptive Project Management: Project Managers, Delivery Leads, Project Leads, Department Managers, Product Owners.


Participants in this workshop should have previous experience and formal training in both predictive and adaptive project management fundamentals. We therefore recommend:

  • Project Management Essentials: Part 1 – the Fundamentals (or equivalent)
  • Foundations of Adaptive Delivery – Agile Hands-On (or similar foundational Agile workshop)
  • Experience as a team member or lead on at least one project using adaptive approaches


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