How to Hold a Decision-Making Meeting (That Actually Ends with a Decision)

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Boost Productivity AND Eliminate Time-Wasting Meetings!
When a meeting that is supposed to conclude with a decision doesn't, it halts progress, frustrates attendees, and kills urgency. That's why as meeting leader, it's crucial you anticipate and manage the inevitable disagreement, anxiety, and stalling which prevent group decisions from being made.  This 90-minute webinar combines insights from psychology, behavioral economics, and management to provide you with a powerful new framework for preparing, organizing, and leading your decision-making meetings in a way that ensures attendees leave with a decision and a sense of accomplishment.
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How You Will Benefit

High-performing managers everywhere are freeing up hours of time for their teams by ruthlessly rethinking which meetings are vital and which slow down decision making and action. Join us to learn a proven step-by-step method for resolving decisions quickly and powerfully for every meeting:

  • How to get buy-in for tough, even controversial decisions
  • How to encourage "controlled conflict" that gets you closer to a decision rather than further away
  • How to eliminate or reduce unwanted meeting behaviors, such as grandstanding, intransigence, and blame
  • How assigning the right preparation is the key to overcoming analysis paralysis
  • How to keep the meeting on track and decision focused, without looking like a tyrant

After attending, you’ll understand how you can be the decisive meeting leader that every organization desperately needs.


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