How to Coach a Virtual Team

  • Working Virtually
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Tactics for leading remote team members.

Building relationships over hundreds—or thousands—of miles? Trying to set goals that are understood around the globe? These special circumstances require special skills. Workplaces around the world are now linked virtually though technology. To get results, the leader of a virtual team must approach employees differently from co-located teams. Master the tools and techniques that increase your effectiveness when managing performance and coaching virtually. So you can overcome the challenges that are specific to leading a virtual team. Build effective long-distance teams. And manage and coach virtually with success and complete confidence.

How You Will Benefit

  • Identifying virtual performance challenges 
  • Exploring best practices for performance management in virtual teams
  • Defining virtual team members’ roles and responsibilities to maintain team focus on goals, objectives and tasks
  • Learning the process for identifying coaching and development activities for employees
  • Practicing using the GROW Model of Coaching

Live Online classes are delivered in partnership with American Management Association.

Live Online courses delivered in partnership with American Management Association


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16 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Brianna Fraser, Manager, Talent Strategy, Invest Ottawa Dec 9, 2021

    well organized and instructor was clear and knowledgeable.

  • Shannon Williams, Processing Coordinator, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Dec 9, 2021

    Overall a great class that had a lot of insightful information. The instructor was very energetic and did a good job keeping everyone engaged in the lessons. The only area for improvement would be to help those who are very new and beginning into Sales, I found a lot of questions were geared to those who have at least a years experience in sales.

  • Katie Lessard, Supervisor, PHARA Nov 10, 2021

  • Bobbi Jean Robbins, Supervisor, PHARA Nov 10, 2021

  • Amy Cormier, Supervisor, PHARA Nov 10, 2021

    Very well organized to allow continual participation and feedbacks, with well-researched easily comprehensible and purposeful course materials.

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