Lew Bayer

Eager to learn. Civil. Collaborative.

Lew has been a Canadian Management Centre Facilitator since 2001. A successful entrepreneur herself, Lew relies on the use of fundamental communication principles to be successful. She is a sixteen-time published author, national columnist, and professional speaker. She builds on her expertise as an organizational culture and civility expert to help business professionals improve the way they communicate whether verbally, nonverbally or in writing. In 2018, Lew received an honorary doctorate in Social Justice recognizing over 20 years of contributions to her field. Lew’s facilitation approach is hands-on allowing her participants to immediately apply the concepts being introduced in her programs. She shares her expertise openly and provides her participants with strategies and techniques to improve the way they communicate and collaborate. Lew delivers programs within the areas of Leadership, Management, Communications – including Business Writing and Grammar.

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