Mastering Excel® Pivot Tables®: How to Crunch Numbers Like an Expert

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Save a ton of time as you analyze data quickly and easily!
When you need to crunch database-like data, you can only go so far with sorting, filtering, and inserting subtotals.  You need ways to create summary totals based on multiple criteria and the ability to interchange fields, add other fields, and sort results in a flash.   How great would it be if you could do all these things and never need to deal with complex, lengthy formulas?  The Microsoft® Excel PivotTable tool gives you all of these capabilities, plus dozens of display and manipulation features.
Consider this scenario: You have thousands of detailed rows of sales data covering a five-year period, containing the names of salespersons, sales dates, items sold, location of sales by state and region, names of buyers, dollar amounts, and more. Imagine if you could quickly create a table to show the total sales by salesperson by state without writing any formulas…and complete the task in under 10 seconds!   Then, without skipping a beat, alter that table to show total sales by month or by year simply by changing a field’s location!  
The possibilities are seemingly endless, and you can apply these same tools just as easily to a variety of data.  This 90-minute webinar shows you exactly how to use the PivotTable tool to quickly analyze even huge amounts of data in less time than you ever thought possible.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn simple PivotTable shortcuts that automate difficult analyses
  • Discover how to drill down to see instantly the detailed records that comprise a summary total
  • Get great advice on presenting your data in different formats quickly and easily
  • Sort PivotTable data without lengthy command sequences
  • Time-saving Pivot Report tips and tricks to create flawless reports
  • How to create summary totals in a flash
  • Ways to modify PivotTables settings to boost your efficiency
  • How to group data quickly to reveal new information not in the source data

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