Nellie Vieira

Nellie  has blended philosophy and psychology with the competencies and practiced techniques that have created both the business and individual case client success stories she enjoys. As a professional speaker, consultant and coach she is passionate about results at every aspect of interface requiring person-to-person interaction.

As an accomplished negotiations expert, recognized throughout North America for her unique ability to transform an organization’s key strengths and values into success stories at the negotiating table, Nellie draws upon her background in both national purchasing and sales management to deliver the bottom-line corporate results while satisfying the needs of the people involved. Stemming from a career in the manufacturing sector, Nellie has enjoyed several management and executive positions in the cosmetics, packaging and telecommunications industries that have accumulated as a wealth of experience in understanding the behaviour and communication of people within a business process.

Launching a business that could serve the needs of many an organization’s cry for the skills and techniques, and that develop the much sought after internal and external successful trust relationship was a fitting and satisfying next step. “Engaging,” “Moving,” “Incredibly passionate and practical at the same time,” “I can already see the major changes I’ve made with what Nellie made so easy and fun to learn.” These are just a few of the many comments that proceed a training session, conference or speaking engagement. 

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