5 Secrets of Successful Presenters (Earn 1 PDU)

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Want to know how you can make a good presentation even better?  Have you ever wished you could be a more confident presenter?  Ever found yourself delivering a presentation remotely and wondering how people on the other end of the line are responding?
Strong presentation skills can make a huge difference in your professional life.  Learning how to articulate your message and deliver it confidently can improve your credibility, ability to influence and will ultimately help you get the outcomes you want.
Whether you’ve been called on to share information, build awareness or pitch an idea - preparation and practice is essential to your success as a presenter.  Taking the time to identify who you’re presenting to will help you determine how to best connect with their needs.  This is a key strategy to help you not only calm your own nerves around presenting – it will deliver better results.  
Join us for this FREE webinar to learn 5 essential strategies that of successful presenters and unlock your potential to deliver with confidence and credibility.      
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Julie Godsave

Julie Godsave - Facilitator


Julie joined Canadian Management Centre as a facilitator in 2011. She has spent over 15 years working in small businesses and large corporations. Her experiences in sales, sales management, training management and facilitation, have allowed her to offer a diverse portfolio of services to clients. She has spent time as an external consultant in several different industries including pharmaceutical and oil and gas. She has also worked as a consultant with the Canadian Professional Sales Association


Why Attend

  • Identify strategies to improve your ability to deliver impactful presentations
  • Learn 5 tips that will enhance your credibility as a presenter
  • Get ideas to adjust the way you present in a virtual environment
  • Build your confidence  to present by refining the way you prepare

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