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"It is without a doubt, the most superior customer service I have ever received. Thanks to everyone for all of your efforts."

Shirley de la Torre
Organizational Effectiveness Consultant
City of Ottawa, The Learning Centre, Employee Services Branch

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Why Choose Canadian Management Centre

We’re passionate about one thing: Inspiring you to outperform.

Competition has never been more fierce – for businesses or for individuals looking to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace. Outperforming is the name of the game and no one rejuvenates, invigorates, inspires, and helps propel Canadian organizations and leaders to new heights in professional development more successfully than Canadian Management Centre. 

Since 1963, Canadian Management Centre’s proven and continually evolving career development and management training in Canada has been a catalyst for positive change. In fact, we’ve transformed immediate and long-term performance for generation after generation of individual leaders and organizations, not to mention helped them achieve real-world outcomes – from opening up lines of internal communication and shortening learning curves with first-time managers to engaging, keeping and advancing high-potential employees.

100 invigorating seminars and 12,000 inspired leaders each year.

Each year, we team up with more than 12,000 of tomorrow’s aspiring and driven business leaders, teaching, guiding and motivating them with more than 100 high-energy high-caliber open enrollment seminars in major cities across Canada.

Our broad range of course divisions for our open enrollment courses include:

- Leadership 
- Communications & Interpersonal Skills
- Customer Service 
- Project Management 
- Human Resources 
- Business Enhancement 
- Business Writing & Presentation Skills 
- Strategy & Analysis 
- Sales & Marketing

The success of our professional development programs is also due in large part to our elite instructors – highly skilled, passionate and internationally recognized consultants, executives, keynote speakers and best-selling authors. Every day, our seminar leaders have their sleeves rolled up in the challenging world of business so they intimately understand the issues and challenges individuals and organizations face. Plus they not only have proven teaching and facilitation skills, they listen to your needs to ensure a stimulating, motivating and enriching learning experience.

A trusted and connected partner worldwide.

Named one of’s Top 20 Leadership Training Companies for the last six consecutive years (2010-2015), Canadian Management Centre is recognized as one of the world’s most effective leadership workshop providers in the training industry, helping lift up, motivate, guide and transform people and organizations, as well as deliver measurable end results, in every region of the country and in every market.

A strategic affiliate of American Management Association International, Canadian Management Centre is a trusted partner in worldwide training programs and offers Express Learning, Blended Learning, E-Learning, Coaching and Programs of Study options, as well as on-site training and virtual learning. You can even request CMC courses be scheduled in your desired location and date, so you don’t miss the opportunity to acquire new leadership and professional development skills and perfect the ones you already have.