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Canadian Management Centre's 5-Day "MBA"

Get grounded in the essential elements of senior-level business courses in just one week.
You are an accomplished leader with 5 or more years of managerial experience looking to fast track your knowledge base and achieve your professional goals. By participating in this 5-day intensive program you will learn to make more informed decisions, develop successful strategies and achieve your personal and organizational goals. You will gain insight into how key components of various business functions must be integrated and aligned to achieve short and long-term success.
This comprehensive seminar is presented by expert faculty-practitioners specializing in accounting, finance, strategy, marketing and management.  Over the 5 days you will participate, with other leaders, in practical and challenging exercises, activities and case studies to prepare you to accelerate your career to the next level of excellence.
To learn more about whether you have the professional experience to fully participate and benefit from this program see the Who Should Attend section below.

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Upcoming Sessions

Date City Times Course# 32561
  • Aug 14, 2017
    - Aug 18, 2017
    Toronto, ON 9:00 AM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Oct 16, 2017
    - Oct 20, 2017
    Calgary, AB 9:00 AM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Nov 6, 2017
    - Nov 10, 2017
    Toronto, ON 9:00 AM
    - 5:00 PM
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  • Feb 5, 2018
    - Feb 9, 2018
    Toronto, ON 9:00 AM
    - 5:00 PM
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Course Details

What You Will Learn

  • Refine your leadership style to meet the challenges of a complex business environment
  • Develop an understanding of key marketing terms and the influence marketing has on your organization’s success
  • Analyze financial statements and learn what they really mean
  • Understand the impact of change on organizational behaviour and productivity and how to better manage change initiatives 
  • Apply a planning model that can be used at the organization or business unit level
  • Evaluate the importance of aligning day-to-day decisions with those identified in strategic plans
  • Identify the most effective business tools and strategies to help your organization achieve performance results

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How You Will Benefit

  • Discover how all components of a business fit together 
  • Read and understand financial statements and analyze the financial health of a business 
  • Gain insights into the economy and its impact on your business 
  • Develop a business strategy and establish a sustainable competitive position 
  • Learn the language of business and communicate effectively on business matters to any audience level 
  • Develop an effective organization and successfully manage people 
  • Enjoy an invaluable peer-to-peer learning experience 

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Course Features

  • Sample business reports and documents for applied learning
  • Reference materials that can be used on the job
  • Structured case studies to apply learning in groups
  • Hands-on activities to provide immediate skill practice 
  • Worksheets and exercises to enhance participation and learning

Additional Details

SPECIAL FEATURES: Self assessments, annual reports and case studies are included in this program. 
Benefit from two subject matter experts, each with different industry backgrounds and perspectives. 
BONUS: Receive a free copy of How to Make Your Numbers Talk by Jason Orr.



Who Should Attend

The 5-Day “MBA” Workshop is intended for individuals who are currently in a leadership role and who’ve been managing people for a minimum of 5 years. 
You will benefit the most from this program if you…
  • Have responsibility for a line of business, department or business group or you are preparing yourself to transition into this type of senior management role
  • Currently play a contributing role in the strategic planning process for your department or line of business
  • Have financial accountability for a budget (or are soon to assume this responsibility)
  • Have the desire to move into more a senior leadership role, have recently transitioned into such a role or have specific goals for how this knowledge will benefit your career aspirations
  • Are committed to spending 5 days actively participating in an intense learning experience to advance your skills, knowledge and career credentials
If you are unsure whether this program is right for you, contact us at 1-877-262-2519.

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Read Reviews

The reviews below are from course evaluations.

  • Peter Han

  • Charles Akhigbe

  • "  I had an amazing time taking the CMC 5 day "MBA" course at the Toronto office.  The experience has provided me with a better understanding of business requirements  Providing me with a framework and tools for developing a strategy and giving me the confidence that I will provide more value to my company and clients.  I recommend that companies look at taking this course from all positions within a company including management, marketing and sales.  "

  • "  The course showed me ´the why´ and ´the how´ to implement change to an organization rather than just applying the techniques.  "

  • "  I liked the interaction with the leaders, the free flow of information, exchange of ideas, and the practical examples that were shared.  "

  • "  The course was very thought provoking. Many stories and examples were given to drive home the concepts.  "

  • This course has helped the following company outperform.

    Canada Post

  • This course has helped the following company outperform.

    City of Calgary

  • This course has helped the following company outperform.


  • This course has helped the following company outperform.

    Rogers Communications