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How to Flex Your Communication Style (Live Online)

Do people hear what you’re saying — or only how you’re saying it?
To become a better communicator and gain commitment from others, you need to understand your own style first—and then how to flex it. Discover your own preferred style and evaluate the opportunities and challenges of that style in working with others.
Learn how to adapt your style while under stress—when confronted with someone of an opposite style, a different gender or generation. Equip yourself with the tools to communicate appropriately in just about every business situation. Your colleagues and superiors will surely take note, as communication skills are a critical and highly
valued career booster!

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Course Details

What You Will Learn

  • Exploring how style impacts the image others have of you
  • Learning how to flex your style to gender, generation and position
  • Understanding how style affects your communication effectiveness
  • Recognizing how stress impacts your style and planning for better outcomes

Course Features

2.5 Hour Live Online

Short, interactive online courses that provide a practical understanding of a targeted skill

Additional Details

EXTRA: Before attending this session, you will receive the Insight Inventory® to discover your style.


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