5 Steps to Set and Achieve Your Goals

By Canadian Management Centre


A new year is a perfect opportunity to turn the page, break bad habits and set fresh goals. The trouble is, only 8% of us actually make the changes we want.

Whether you're trying to reduce stress, get promoted, improve productivity or make a career transition, achieving your goals isn't just about the goals themselves – it's about prioritizing and planning how to achieve your goals. Otherwise, life often gets in the way and it's easy to lose focus.

So, let’s get started! Grab a pen and notepad or sit at your computer and…

Step 1: Look back – Reflect on where you're fulfilled and where you may be stuck. Think about the last 12 months – what were the highlights? The low points?

Step 2: Celebrate success – If you have previously set goals, what went well? What did you achieve? Reflect on your success and the skills that helped you get there.

Step 3: Troubleshoot missed goals – Did a project on your watch run over budget or miss a deadline? Was your productivity down? Diagnose what contributed to less than positive results.

Step 4: Zero in on what's most important – With a clearer understanding of what went well and what didn't, focus now on what you want to achieve moving forward and the critical skills to get you there.

Step 5: Map your action plan for success – Now you're ready to formulate a concrete action plan to enhance the skills you want to improve so you can achieve your goals this year.

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