Engaging Virtual Communication - 7 Actionable Insights

By Canadian Management Centre

In this video, Tips for More Engaging Virtual Communication: a RealityChek® Conversation, author and virtual facilitation expert, Kassy Laborie, discusses the #1 pitfall people fall into as they transition from in person to virtual meetings. She then outlines these 7 practical tips for facilitating more effective and engaging online meetings.

  1. Ensure your space is private and that you’re prepared to be seen
  2. Know how the tools work
  3. Don’t take for granted that others know how to engage with technology
  4. Plan for how you will use features to replace non-verbal cues missing online
  5. Use meeting tools (like chat) to help people engage online
  6. Based on the chat, call on people to share more
  7. Plan time for ‘chatversations’

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