Lunching and Learning: A Perfect Combination

By Arlene Dayboch

What is a Lunch and Learn Program?
Here’s a terrific win/win strategy that will help employees stay healthy and motivated, learn something new and get away from their desks during lunch - all at the same time. All of this is possible through a new initiative calledLunch and Learn, a speaker program offered to employees during the lunch hour. Events, which offer a blend of information and excitement, may be held in employee cafeterias, auditoriums or conference rooms.

Many employers have found that their employees’ personal development and happiness is intricately tied to their motivation level and satisfaction from their jobs. Providing programs that will help them, both on a personal and professional level, can vastly improve productivity on the job. A Lunch and Learn program can be a training or management session, exercise class, personal or business development workshop or a lecture on health or personal finance. Popular topics include "Stress Reduction," "Time Management," "Planning For Retirement," "Caring for Your Aging Parents" and "Effective Communication and Relationship Skills."

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