The Impact of Change in the Workplace

By Canadian Management Centre

With the influx of change in the workplace driven by economic pressures, the evolution of technology, the demand for innovation, shifting workplace demographics and a spike in virtual working, organizations are feeling the squeeze as they try to navigate their ‘new normal’.  

New research from our 2016 RealityChek™ survey indicates that 95% of Canadians are experiencing on-going or excessive amounts of change in their workplace. Change can have an unsettling impact on individuals and organizations if it isn’t managed well leading to disruption, frustration diminished productivity and loss of top talent if the right communication and leadership strategies aren’t in place.  

How effective is your organization when it comes to leading through change?

Our 2016 RealityCheck™ results examine the Impact of Change in the Workplace.  

Find out how change is impacting the Canadian workforce today and how your organization measures up.

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