How to Train Your Brain to Thrive from Nine to Five

By Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D.

Finding it hard to focus?  Struggling to remember details?
You’re probably suffering from Brain Drain.
Here’s a startling statistic. Research from The Center for Brain Health shows that our brains begin to ‘power down’ at the age of 42. While we’re focused on keeping our bodies healthy through diet and exercise – the irony is that most of us forget about our brains. The good news is that we can improve our cognitive health. But that means we need to manage our own destructive habits and encourage our company to create conditions for us to thrive.   This Whitepaper from the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas provides expertise about how to train your brain to thrive from 9-5. You’ll find out more about common sources of workplace brain drain and identify simple strategies to reverse the decline of your cognitive abilities and help boost your brain’s stamina.

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