Canadian Management Centre's 5-Day MBA

Arm yourself with the 10 essential business skills to make sound business decisions.

How well you can handle data, reduce risks, and manage people, processes, and new technology is being tested daily. Get equipped with the practical operational and managerial skills that will enable you to innovate, strategize, and lead with success.

In this one-of-a-kind program, you’ll explore these vital skills and behaviours and practice applying them in an intensive business simulation. Each new skill you explore will inform and support every other skill. Working alongside peers from a variety of industries, you’ll also develop the leadership skills you need to apply these behaviours on the job. This hands-on, 5-day immersive course, filled with case studies, exercises, and activities, offers you the unique opportunity to experience what every business must do—cut costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risks—with a holistic, game-changing approach that can have a lasting positive impact.

How You Will Benefit

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  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively with your team, management, and other stakeholders
  • Improve the way you manage people, processes, and risks to drive projects and create value for your organization
  • Enhance creativity and innovation in your team to develop new solutions to old problems and respond to changing customer expectations
  • Understand how numbers can help you make faster, smarter business choices
  • Apply what you learn in a guided simulation with fellow course participants
  • Sharpen your leadership skills with actionable insights and tools

What you will cover:

  • Get a return on investment. Identify how risk and return influences everyday business decisions
  • Speak finance. Recognize how the accounting process flows and how operational activities translate into the financials
  • Problem Solve, invest and grow.  Learn to evaluate and monitor operating performance
  • Manage. Learn tools to develop coach and motivate people. 
  • Communicate. Utilize effective speaking, listening and writing strategies to enhance and expand your interpersonal and organizational communication skills
  • Strategize. Analyze the current state of your business and define goals to move it ahead
  • Market.  Learn to use the 5 Ps of marketing
  • Create and Innovate. Apply tips and tools to develop creative and innovative thinking around products and services
  • Lead. Explore the differences between leading and managing

Course Features:

  • Simulation Project. Apply your new knowledge, skills and behaviours in an online simulation powered by Abilitie.  Engage your leadership, teaming and business acumen skills. 

Who Should Attend

Business professionals with 5 or more years of management experience who need a well-rounded, practical, actionable set of skills and tools to enhance analytical, personal, professional and business acumen and make sound business decisions

Please note: Live Online sessions are conducted in partnership with American Management Association.


$3,995 Non Member Fee
$3,595 Member Fee

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90 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Matthew B., PSD Team Leader Feb 12, 2024

    Great job with the course. I feel far more comfortable with everything from finance to innovation. I have a better understanding of which areas I want to dive deeper into and which areas I now feel comfortable in.

  • Nathan E., Senior Technical Solutions Specialist Nov 17, 2023

    In terms of preparation, I found that there was minimal marketing or course syllabus material that could have adequately set my expectations for the course. However, I must express that the course surpassed my expectations. Jeffery's delivery was not what I anticipated; it was notably more engaging and immersive.From a curriculum perspective, the course struck an excellent balance between accounting, finance, marketing, business, and executive-relevant coursework over the five-day duration. Jeffery, as a subject matter expert with extensive experience in the field and a diverse career, brought a unique contextual perspective to the material.One aspect that stood out for me was the emphasis on team building and team-gaming simulations to make business decisions. This interactive approach added a dynamic layer to the learning experience. The course placed a significant focus on the accounting and financial aspects of business, gradually expanding into marketing, leadership, and management concepts.Overall, I believe this course is highly valuable for anyone seeking to enhance their business engagement, both in terms of hard and soft skills. It not only provided comprehensive content but also delivered it in a manner that was both informative and engaging. I appreciate the opportunity to have participated in such a well-rounded learning experience.

  • Past Participant, Manager System Development Oct 20, 2023

  • Andrew M., CDN MWD Product Manager May 12, 2023

    I enjoyed my time and feel it was worth the experience.

  • Maggy M., Project Manager May 12, 2023

    Overall, it was very informative with good real life examples shared. could have been a little more interactive.

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