Leading Leaders: Achieving Organizational Goals Through Others

Move initiatives and goals forward by applying proven strategies for leading others.

If you’re a leader to whom other leaders report, you’re in a unique position. Leaders like you are “the central gear” in the organization—tasked with the critical challenge of getting the work done through others. This is accomplished through other leaders you lead, and/or by influencing the senior executives you report to. It also happens by leveraging your peer leader network inside and outside of the organization.  

You’re responsible for such “big picture” efforts as helping shape organizational direction and strategies, developing strong networks to move initiatives forward, influencing corporate culture and more. However, if you can’t get work done effectively through others, virtually all your accountabilities may be jeopardized.  Explore the challenges, best practices, methods and strategies that can help you get work done successfully through other leaders. 

How You Will Benefit

  • Recognize the essential skill set required to lead other leaders effectively  
  • Use knowledge of the macro-environment to connect organizational vision, mission, values and strategy to motivate and empower those you lead
  • Unleash diversity of thought, problem-solving and innovation in yourself and others 
  • Leverage trust and mutually beneficial relationships through more effective networking  
  • Apply a 360 results-based strategy to move ideas, goals and initiatives forward  
  • Analyze your role and how you can lead from the middle 
  • Set direction through strategic leadership and exploring leadership styles 
  • Build a 360 member engagement and commitment strategy to focus on results and achieve goals  
  • Creating, aligning and executing strategy 
  • Recognizing the organizational and divisional elements that produce innovative ideas  
  • Using The SEAL Approach for Building Organizational Agility 
  • Using knowledge of the macro-environment to articulate organizational vision and strategy as these relate to tactics 
  • Leveraging the diverse perspectives of each team member to unleash diversity of thought, problem-solving and innovation  
  • Developing, empowering and coaching managers to drive the right mindset to support their team 
  • Leading in constant change and maintaining and motivating through strategic vision  
  • Developing a powerful network that leverages trust and mutually beneficial relationships  
  • Finalizing a 360 working plan to implement that will advance your goal or initiative 

Who Should Attend

New or experienced leaders (mid-level and above) who need to accomplish work and strategic initiatives through the leaders who report to them, as well as through a peer network of leaders, and through the top level of leadership.


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$2,695 Non Member Fee
$2,395 Member Fee

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Course Reviews

  • Jamie M., Instructional Designer Nov 17, 2023

    There was a lot of interesting and valuable content in this session and the interactions with the other participants and facilitator were insightful. I think there may have been a bit more content in the workbook than we could really digest in 2 days.

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