Web 2.0 and Learning: Too Informal?

By David Wentworth

There's some bitter irony in that it seems many training and development professionals have taken so long to come up the Web 2.0 learning curve. Even as other experts look beyond current technologies to the next stage (variously termed "Web 3.0," "Web Squared," etc.), some learning professionals are still trying to catch up. It's possible that a number of training professionals may simply think it's too late to get on board. Perhaps they have been burned by technology fads in the past and figure that by the time they adopt Web 2.0 technologies, lightning-speed advancements will render the tools antiques destined to go the way of the abacus and the slide rule.

A recent study commissioned by the American Society for Training & Development and conducted by i4cp found that the vast potential of Web 2.0 technologies has not yet been realized by the learning functions in most organizations. In fact, many are still just getting familiar with these technologies, which tend to rely on user collaboration and include specific applications such as Web services, blogs, podcasts, and online social networks.

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