Leading Hybrid Teams

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Do you have the skills to optimize productivity, engagement, and collaboration in your hybrid team?

If you’re new to leading hybrid teams or simply unsure of how to adapt your leadership style for greater effectiveness in a hybrid workplace, then this course is for you. We’ll provide you with the context, clarity, insights and tactics necessary to demystify Hybrid Team Leadership.  This course will increase your comfort in leading in a hybrid environment as you engage your team members in contributing positively to this way of working. While the key functions of leadership have not changed, the context in which you are leading has. This program will help you craft a vision of what an effective hybrid team looks like for your organization as you very deliberately identify and develop strategies that will help you realize that vision. 

This is a highly practical course – light on theory – and rich in practical, applicable strategies that you can apply immediately.

How You Will Benefit

  • Appreciate the similarities and differences between hybrid, remote and co-located teams
  • Identify the challenges of leading a hybrid team and strategies to overcome those challenges
  • Articulate a vision for your hybrid team with specific outcomes around communication, productivity, and engagement
  • Create team norms that will help prevent burnout and drive greater productivity, and team cohesion
  • Lead more effective, engaged and inclusive hybrid team meetings
  • Support each employee in bringing their best self to work by expanding the focus of your one-on-one meetings
  • Understand how to strengthen trust and connection in a hybrid environment and why it’s critical to team performance
  • Return to work with a set of immediately applicable tools and ideas for leading hybrid teams
  • Increase your confidence around flexing your leadership style to the needs of hybrid team members
  • Cultivate stronger relationships with your team members 
  • Achieve greater performance through more effective communication and team meeting practices
  • Boost employee and team engagement by establishing new norms for working smarter and more inclusively in a hybrid workplace


Who Should Attend

This program is for those leading hybrid teams: employees who are located in-office and remotely. This may include leading employees in different geographies and time zones.


$1,345 Non Member Fee
$1,195 Member Fee

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$1,345 Non Member Fee
$1,195 Member Fee

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13 Reviews 4 Star

Course Reviews

  • Kevin Restoule, Government Relations Coordinator, Union Of Ontario Indians Oct 18, 2021

    The breakout sessions are great, as well as the role-playing because it gives an opportunity to participate and practice the skills. There could have been a little more time for some sections with more reading required.The days were pretty long - I might opt for half day sessions in the future. Also, I think the first day was a little more stretched out than necessary. - perhaps condense the material to make it a one day course? The pace could be a bit faster. The instructor Yvonne Brown did an excellent job of keeping everyone on track with time and trying to get all participants to volunteer their feedback within each module. The modules are broken up into appropriate topics.

  • Wesley Plant, Manager, Environmental Assessment Section, Environment And Climate Change Canada Oct 18, 2021

    The content and pre-work provided were excellently created. There were thoroughly and thoughtfully created workbooks, which helped in following along with the content from the facilitator/presenter.The sessions are long, and virtually some short breaks wo

  • Timothy Phan, Learning And Development Specialist, Geotab Inc. Oct 18, 2021

    It was informative and interesting and I felt comfortable with the group

  • Tracey MacAulay, Manager, Talent Acquisition & Organization Development, Regional Municipality of Durham Jul 19, 2021

    So happy I signed up to take this management course. I have learned so much....program is excellent and very informative. Cynthia Cuyjet was an amazing speaker and instructor.

  • Livier Miko, Manager , EarlyOn Child & Family, East York East Toronto Family Resources Jan 20, 2022

    Add more scenarios to achieve the qualities of great hybrid teams.

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