Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Ignite innovation in your team or organization.

In today's rapidly changing world, innovation is essential for businesses to thrive. A culture of innovation is one where employees feel empowered to generate new ideas, experiment, and take risks. It is a culture where creativity and collaboration are encouraged, and where failures are seen as opportunities for learning and growth. This program will provide you with the insights and practical tools to create an environment for innovation to occur.

How You Will Benefit

  • Increase employee engagement and productivity by listening to and acting on employee ideas
  • Enhance revenue and/or service by fostering an environment of continuous improvement
  • Boost motivation by creating an inclusive environment that encourages smart risk-taking
  • Describe what a culture of innovation is and identify its key components.
  • Explain why leadership for innovation is important today and recognize the mindset and behaviours needed to foster an innovative culture on your team.
  • Apply practical techniques to foster the creativity and collaboration necessary for a culture of innovation. 

Course Features

  • Powerful self-reflection exercise to gain insight into your leadership strengths related to creating a culture of innovation.
  • Multiple tools and models to support you in transferring learning back on the job
  • Hands-on activities that allow you to practice your skills and get in the moment feedback

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for leaders and managers who want to learn how to foster a culture of innovation on their team.


$499 Non Member Fee
$475 Member Fee

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When colleagues learn together, everyone benefits!

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